Save 11% Nonda USB Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter

Product Description:
Durable aluminum body: high quality components ensures longer life span.
Wi-fi interference fixed: no Wi-Fi interference while using this upgraded adapter.
Universal compatibility: Compatible with laptop/tablet/smartphone with a USB Type-C port.
Introducing the world’s smallest USB-C to USB-A adapter. Use it to charge up your phone and other standard USB devices or transfer data at USB 3.0 Super Speed (up to 5Gbps). Made out of durable aluminum alloy, the mini adapter comes in 3 colors to match the new MacBook 12 inch. It’s also compatible with the Chromebook Pixel and other USB-C devices. For optimal use, use the mini adapter with an uncovered laptop. Not for micro USB port or mini USB port.
Usb 3. 0 Super speed: up to 5Gbps data transfer speed.

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