Save 32% on All-Purpose Glue Sticks

Product Description:
Have plenty of hot glue on hand with 5 lb box. Multi temp hot glue sticks can be used in just about any full-size glue gun and are crystal clear. So clear you can read text through them. Glue sticks are perfect for just about any craft or DIY project where strength and almost instant curing time are desired. Non-toxic too. Use in your high or low-temp glue gun and expect superior results. Formula 220 is a clear, all purpose adhesive capable of bonding many plastics, wood products, fabric, leather, foam, PVC, polycarbonate, paper, ribbon and aluminum as well as some polyolefin.
Multi Temp for High and Low Temperature Glue Guns
Hot glue bonds strong in less than 30 seconds
No waste Never dries out
Non toxic, clear and non yellow.
Works on wood, metal, glass, cardboard, paper, card stock, synthetic materials and more.

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