Save 38% on Portable Balloon Inflator

Product Description:
Do you feel exhausted after blowing up many balloons by mouth or with a hand pump. You need a Electronic Balloon Pump. It can blow up a 12 balloon in just seconds. Help you make a balloon arch or fill the ceiling in no time.
Just push the inflation spout down to start the pump. Inflate the balloon, release the spout when the balloon is the right size. Easy and efficient. It will save your breath from blowing up tons of balloons. Spare your tired arms from the hassle of using hand balloon pumps.
Only weights 530g. Great when used for a birthday, a wedding, any party or celebration, even at Christmas, or graduation. Perfect for decoration or advertising a new business etc.
Comes with 1x balloon tie tools, 2x tape strips, 2x glue craft dots. Helps make tying balloons easy, faster and painless on fingers, and lets you get a column of balloons built easily.

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