Save 18% on Halloween Candy Bag

Product Description:
SKITTLES, STARBURST, and HUBBA BUBBA Halloween Variety PackTrick or treat. It’s almost that time of year again, when all the neighborhood ghosts and ghoulies start haunting your doorstep. It’s time for parties and costumes, haunted houses and scary movies. But, most of all, it’s time for Halloween candy. This Halloween variety pack includes three candy favorites: SKITTLES and STARBURST candies and HUBBA BUBBA Bubble Gum. So prepare your home for the Halloween fun to come by stocking up on your favorite candy treats.
Contains one (1) 82.98-Ounce 200 piece Fun Size bag of SKITTLES, STARBURST, and HUBBA BUBBA Gum
This 200-piece bulk candy pack includes Fun Size SKITTLES Original, Wild Berry, and Sours flavors, STARBURST Original, and HUBBA BUBBA Bubble Gum
A mix of bite-size, chewy, fruity candies with a colorful candy shell, juicy fruit chews, and bubble gum
Perfect for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, or to share in your candy bowl
Three favorite candies and gum in one bag.

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