Save 18% on Royal Frosting Pastry Bag

Product Description:
Thickened upgrade, Now all bags are upgraded, more thick and more durable, we have used high quality thick material to produce our piping bags
Clean, safe plastic, these pastry and icing bags are made of clean, food-grade plastic you can use in any kitchen
Large capacity, making enough treats for a whole office or classroom? This icing bag’s size (16 x 13 x 9 inch) reduces refills
Use with any tips, Simply snip the pointed end off of the icing bag and insert your pastry tip before using.
Easy-to-use, Convenient Cleanup Disposable Bags are made to use and toss-no fuss, no muss. Made of strong, flexible plastic, they’re easy to handle. Plus, cleanup is a breeze. Just toss. Made to Hold More Icing Perfect for bigger jobs, these 16 inch bags are large enough to hold a substantial amount of icing without becoming overfilled and difficult to control. Because there’s nothing worse than icing pouring out of the back of the bag.

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